Colorful for a Cause: Autism Acceptance

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APR 29, 2022

Colorful for a Cause: Autism Acceptance

In partnership with the Best Day Foundation, we are able to build something special to bring light to a cause that is close to home for so many of us.

The Best Day Foundation

Our partnership with the Best Day Foundation began four years ago – we had been working with Feeding America, and the level of support that was shown there was surreal! It convinced us that we could continue to use the passion and energy that we shared with our customers to continue to make a larger impact. In our independent research, we found that initiatives and support for autism often struggled to find funding, and it rapidly became clear to us that it was an area where we could make a difference. We found the Best Day Foundation, and started a correspondence to help establish our program with them.

It was simple – we wanted to create custom shades to support their cause. We saw a little bit of our own Shady Rays principles in what they did – they help folks to live their Best Day and be adventurous!

In their own words, “The Best Day Foundation enables children and young adults with special needs to build confidence and self-esteem through adventure activities which stretch their limits, expand their true potential, reinforce their achievement, and connect them with diverse populations in their community.”

Adapting and moving forward

This year we really wanted to change it up, and realign with the community about how best to show our support – so, we created our new transparent Rainbow and Paint Splatter patterns to be more inclusive, inspired by the neurodiversity infinity symbol.

How did we do?

From every pair of our Autism Acceptance shades, we donated 20% of our proceeds to the Best Day Foundation to help advocate for individuals with autism through outdoor adventures! Thanks to you, they’re living their “best day!”.

Thank you for your help, we sincerely appreciate you, and all that you do for us to help us support great causes. The reason why we have your back, is because you have ours. On to the next one!