Official Live Hard Warranty*

Our number one goal is to have your back better than any other brand, not just when you purchase, but as long as you need us after. 

If you lose or break your shades, e-mail to request a new pair through our warranty program. Include the name from your order along with the style/color of the pair affected and we'll get a replacement out to you after you pay the S+H charge of $8.89 for US replacements and $17.89 for International.


Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

If your shades ever have an issue that is our fault such as a manufacturing defect or a problem that should not occur with normal use, we will replace your pair at ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you FOR LIFE. 

There are no limits as to how many times a pair can be replaced under this warranty because we want to make any craftsmanship issue right.

Note: Rx frames but not Rx lenses are covered under this warranty. 


Lost & Broken Replacements (pay S+H fee only. Can be used up to 2 times per pair purchased)

Coverage for Lost or Broken shades can be made for the same style/color if supplies are available. If the style you request is sold out, you will have the option to be placed on pre-order if the style will be returning or to choose a different style within the same series. 

The price for Shipping and Handling of each replacement pair is $8.89. This is an estimated, flat cost to assist us in fulfilling all replacements. It is subject to change but we work hard to keep it as low as possible.

To request a replacement, just email us your name from the order and the style/color of the pair you would like to replace. We will provide you with a link to pay for the Shipping and Handling. Once you pay, we will ship your replacement and have you back in business. 

Each pair can be replaced up to twice under the Lost/Broken warranty. After that, we'll ask that you buy the next one to make sure we can continue to offer such a strong warranty.

A few exceptions: Rx glasses are not covered by this portion of the warranty. Snow Goggle and Snow Goggle lenses are covered if broken, but not lost. In addition, the warranty only covers orders through, our official Amazon listings, and approved retailers - thereby excluding other re-sellers.


"The Fine Print" - For our protection in managing such a strong warranty program, we have to include these necessary terms: qualification for this coverage is at Shady Rays sole discretion and may require pictures of and/or the actual sunglasses to review and approve a new pair. Shady Rays reserves the right to deny any request for warranty coverage or to recommend a different course of action as necessary.

^^ Aside from the legal jargon, just know we'll make our best effort to help you out!

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