We are a small, independent, American-owned company that is focused on one thing - Making the best shades for an action-packed lifestyle.

Our shades feature shatter-resistant, high-visibility Polarized lenses with durable construction that we stand behind with a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty and Free Replacements if Lost or Broken*. We also secure 11 meals for our country's poorest through Feeding America with every order placed.

Shady Rays is not for those that want to buy from a massive, faceless company that has been operating the same way for decades. We are for action-seekers who appreciate next-generation, innovative gear meant for everything life throws at you.

 Live Hard. We Got You.™


“Our problem for years has been trying to find a pair that can keep up while we're outside running, hiking, working, at the beach, you name it - but we didn't want to wear sunglasses that cost hundreds of dollars and risk breaking, scratching, or losing them. At that price, we didn't even want to risk getting them dirty... That's why we built Shady Rays. Quality, Polarized shades that feature Free Replacements if Lost or Broken, which gives you (and us!) confidence in knowing that no matter what happens, if you come home without your perfect shades, we've got you with a new pair in a few days.”

Chris – Founder, Shady Rays

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