Six Questions with Julie

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APRIL 23, 2021

Six Questions with Julie

– Julie, Optical Division Manager

Meet the face behind the optical lens. Since joining the Shady Rays team in 2017, Julie not only helped launch prescription sunglasses, but she continues to add new layers to our brand via the Optical Shop. Whether you’re searching for indoor or outdoor eyewear, know that Julie’s knowledge and passion is behind each style.

We recently sat down with Julie, virtually of course, to give you guys an inside look at her Shady Rays journey.

What is your day to day like as Shady Rays Optical Division Manager?

I have a hand in many aspects within Shady Rays. Most recent I am spending the majority of my days training our new Optical Division Team. We hold daily training calls as a team. This allows me to be readily available to the team to ensure customers receive professional, timely, and industry knowledge while communicating with us. I work closely with our Optical Laboratory to ensure the best eyewear product is delivered to the customers door. I am currently working on our new Optical Shop. The team and I are hand selecting styles that are not only on brand for Shady Rays but styles that our fans spoke to us about. We are working very hard for our SR customers. Be on the lookout for some amazing eyeglasses in fall 2021.

We have to give a big shoutout to the Optical Division Team. How have they made your life easier in the past year?

Yes, what an amazing team they are! Fun fact: This team comes from our Brand Communications Team. I secretly had been watching/monitoring them for well over a year communicating with our customers (they had no idea). I wanted to ensure customer experience with a custom prescription order would be handled by the best with the same level of customer service we pride ourselves on. For the first 3 or so years, the Optical Team was just myself. As we continue to grow, I knew I wanted to have a fantastic team in place. In late summer 2020 my secret mission was put into action. Each member accepted their new position with excitement and passion. They have allowed me to focus on the bigger picture which will allow us to bring our customer the best prescription experience out there!

In 2019, you helped introduce BLUESHADE lenses to our fans. What was the inspiration behind the Blue Light collection?

Inspiration for me has always been helping people. From my early years as an Optometric Technician, I knew this industry was for me. I am extremely passionate about blue light technology. Not everyone requires prescription. However, they do need their eyes to feel good. Especially most recent with working/teaching from home. This was an area Shady Rays expanded on. We may be known as a sunglasses company. However, my goal is for us to be known as your complete Eyewear company!

The new look Optical Shop is coming soon! What are some of your short and long-term goals for the launch?

I am so excited about this! While the Optical Shop is under construction, my short term is focusing on continued training with the Optical Team. They are very involved in the planning stages from styles, lens options, and ordering ease. Long term is not only to cut the ribbon on the new Optical Shop I will continue to monitor our new styles and research styles that could be added. Building it even more! Psstt…children’s line.

As we look forward to things opening back up, tell us how you’ve been keeping yourself entertained during quarantine.

Spending my days with my GSD, Diesel. Convincing him being a Shady Rays model is a great idea (you can find him at the bottom of our homepage sporting the Ventura. Our snow goggles are his go to…they fit). Another fun fact: he is my 180Ib baby (that is not a typo). It is like having a miniature pony in your house. My husband and I spent quarantine remodeling our home. I absolutely love interior decorating. It is a blessing and a curse though. I am forever changing my home. My husband may be slightly scared now when I say “I have an idea”.

Think of your sunny, dream destination. You can only take one pair of Shady Rays with you. What is your go-to pair?

Hands down on the beach with the Aviator!