Behind the Warranty: Lost & Broken Replacements

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MAY 15, 2021

Behind the Warranty:
Lost & Broken Replacements

Losing and breaking sunglasses with no fix in sight was one of the many reasons that Shady Rays began. Inspired by those moments, we set out to change the way we wear sunglasses in the outdoors.

The Problem

For years, it was impossible to find a pair of shades that could keep up with the things we love to do. Forget being in the waves, hiking, and running – when shades cost well over a hundred dollars, we wouldn’t even risk getting them dirty. Sunglasses aren’t made for show, they’re made for active, worry-free living.

The Solution

The first step was building high quality, affordable shades that can stand up to our style of adventure. For the people, by the people, as we like to say. But to truly make a difference, we had to back our product in a way that was unheard of. Enter the craziest warranty in all of sunglasses – Lost and Broken replacements.

The Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. We asked our fans how the replacement warranty stacks up to the moments where life happens.

Grand Canyon Bandit

I wore my Shady Rays during a hike to the Grand Canyon. Once reaching Phantom Ranch, we had stopped to take a break and a short nap in the 120° heat. Once we woke up, a squirrel had ripped open the backpack stealing some snacks and the Shady Rays were gone! I never did find them, but Shady Rays was quick to send me a new pair.


Blood Thicker Than Shades

I lost my shades teaching my five-year-old how to boogey board. Big wave snuck up on us and I had to choose between my glasses or the kid.

I chose the kid. Customer service was spot on and I had a new pair within days.


Hoverboarding Gone Wrong

I decided to show the fam my hoverboard skills over the weekend. Instead, I fell off backwards, broke both bones in my wrist and the bottom of my favorite shades. Two petal plates and 60 stitches later, my replacement shades were waiting for me when I got back.


The Movement

Whether you have a crazy story to match, such as your shades falling off the face of the earth, doesn’t really matter to us. When life happens and your shades end up lost or broken, we’ll replace them with a brand-new pair. As it turns out, one pair of broken, overpriced sunglasses created a community of over a million strong that were ready for a change.

Thank you for joining the Shady Rays movement and adventuring with the team (and the shades) that have your back – guaranteed for life.